Our Story

In March 2015, we began meeting at the Goodchild’s home in the historic Brady Heights neighborhood.  As we have grown, the Lord has given us a heart for our neighborhoods and the de-churched and unchurched in downtown Tulsa.  Two years later, we established a non-profit church called the Parish Network to facilitate the work of planting and establishing a network of churches throughout the city of Tulsa.









Zach Winters Show

7:00 pm

Ash Wednesday Service


Parish Network Turns 3!

Chimera Coffee 5:00pm


Epiphany Season | God With Us

Jan. 1:  DePoy Wedding

Jan. 3:  Zeller Wedding

Jan. 14:  Antioch Course begins

Jan. 16:  First Principles 2 begins

Jan. 28:  Heath Wedding (No Gathering)


Lenten Season | God For Us

Feb. 14:  Ash Wednesday Service at Parish House

Mar. 4:  Parish Network 3rd Anniversary Celebration

Mar. 26:  Baby McIntosh Due Date

Mar. 29:  Passover Seder Meal at Parish House

Mar. 31:  Tenebrae Service

Apr. 1:  Easter Sunrise Service at Guthrie Green


Eastertide Season & Pentecost | God In Us

Apr. 27-29:  Camping Trip at Green Leaf State Park

May 20:  Pentecost


Ordinary Time | God Through Us

June 9:  Blessing Wedding

July 18-22:  Glen Eyrie Leaders Retreat

Sept. 28-30:  Parish Network Fall Retreat

Oct. 20:  Harvest Festival at Parish House

Nov. 5-9:  BILD Conference


Advent Season | God With Us

Dec. 14:  Parish Christmas Party

Dec. 24:  Christmas Eve Service


Leadership Structure

We believe in Servant Leadership not hierarchical structures. (Matt. 20:26).


-House Church leaders serve the church congregation.

-The Elders serve the House Church Leaders.

-The Equipping Team serves the Elders and other Equipping Team members.

-The Advisory Board serves the Equipping Team


House Church Leaders <<< Elders <<< Equipping Team <<< Advisory Board


House Church Leaders

- Leads church community

- Teaches and organizes the church gathering

- Provides pastor support for the community

- Establishes the church in sound doctrine



- Provides sound doctrine for churches within the cluster

- Provides shepherding support within the cluster

- Provides pastoral support for HC Leaders


Equipping Team

- Provides vision for the network for expansion

- Provides oversight for church plants

- Trains HC Leaders, Elders, and Equipping Team

- Appoints HC Leaders, Elders, and Equipping Team

- Provides mentoring for Elders and Equipping Team

- Provides practicums for Elders and Equipping Team


Advisory Board

- Provides outside accountability for Equipping Team

- Helps Equipping Team make leadership decisions

- Approves budgets, salaries, and ordinations

Reading List

Here is a reading list that we have found helpful on along the way.  We hope they serve you as much as they have served us.


1. An Other Kingdom by Peter Block, Walter Brueggemann, John Knight

2. Community by Peter Block

3. Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

4. Sabbath As Resistance by Walter Brueggemann

5. Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster

6. Practicing the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence

7. The Wounded Healer by Henri J. Nouwen

8. Eat This Book by Eugene Peterson

9. A Long Obedience in the Same Direction by Eugene Peterson

10. The Great Emergence by Phylis Tickle



Giving online is simple and secure.  Click the GIVE button to make a one-time donation or to set up a reoccuring payment via PushPay.





Text “parishnetwork” to 77977




Download the PushPay app in your cellphone's app store.



Make a check out to: Parish Network, Inc.



Parish Network

c/o Daniel McIntosh

36 E Cameron St

Tulsa, OK 74103

Local + Ministry Partners

Local Partners

Ministry Partners

Find a Church

Denver Church


Gathers weekly to worship Jesus Christ at the Parish House on Sundays at 5pm.  We share a family meal and encourage each other with Word and Sacrament, where we participate in teaching, song, mutual upbuilding, and the Eucharist.


About the Parish Network

The Parish Network is a collective of house churches in Tulsa, OK.  We are a family of churches with centralized leadership who work to unify and equip the network.

Vision, Mission, Values



The Parish Network exists to help people know God deeply in the context of community and to represent the nature of His love to the city of Tulsa.



Plant churches of disciples who make disciples.



- Be shaped by the Gospel

- Hold Christ’s church central

- Extend hospitality

- Root yourself in community

- Engage focused discipleship

- Pursue cultural transformation

Leadership Team

Daniel McIntosh


Daniel equips the Parish Network through administration, culture building, and vision casting. He worked at Believers Church for 12 years as the Student Ministries Pastor and the Community Pastor. He lives in the historic Owen Park neighborhood with his wife, Laura, their son Ezra, and their spastic dog, Douglas.

Genyce Goodchild


Genyce equips the Parish Network through teaching, discipleship, and leadership training. Genyce lives in downtown Tulsa with her husband, Stan. They have 4 grown children (Chris, Melissa, Paul, Jessi) and 5 grandchildren (Simeon, Beckett, Josie, Isla, and Tucker).

Advisory Board

Ron McIntosh

Bruce Roderick

Zac Lindsey

Tim Way

Stan Goodchild

Gyle Smith

Community Rhythms

Celebration Sundays | First Sunday of each month at Chimera Coffee at 5pm


The network of churches gather together on the first Sunday of each month for a “Celebration Sunday.”  This monthly rhythm keeps the family of churches connected together and unified in our vision for the city of Tulsa.


House Churches | Sundays at 5pm


The churches in the Parish Network gather on Sundays nights at 5pm (except on Celebration Sundays) to worship Jesus, share a family meal, teach the Scriptures, and participate in the Eucharist.


Antioch School | Sundays at Camp II at 2pm-4pm


Antioch School is a church-based theological education that maintains high standards of achievement represented by academic credentials.  The schooling occurs in the context of the church with the means of immersion, apprenticeship, mentorship, and biblical studies as tools for theological and ecclesiological training.


First Principles Group | Tuesdays at 7pm


First Principles Groups are a vital part of the discipleship journey within a House Church community.  First Principles are ordered Bible studies used as a sort of modern day catechism.  Rather than a typical information-based, fill-in-the-blank approach, First Principles employ a highly effective learning process involving Biblical reflection, community dialogue, personal reflection, and projects.  Groups meet weekly for Biblical reflection and dialogue at homes all over the Tulsa area.

Contact Info

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Parish Network

Address | 36 E Cameron St, Tulsa, OK 74103

Email | info@parishnetwork.co

Phone | (918) 381-4633


Statement of Faith


We believe Christ existed in the form of God and was the glory of the Father.  He was chosen and precious to God, His very own son. He was conceived by the Spirit, born a man in the flesh, yet fully God.  Christ was a descendant of David fulfilling the prophecy of the coming Messiah. He was rejected by men and obedient unto death.  He was crucified, died, and was raised in an incorruptible body.  He appeared to the apostles and then was taken up in glory.  His triumph over sin and death ransomed the lives of men.  We were living in the flesh and were children of wrath by the nature into which we were born.  We who believe in Christ are given the gift of salvation from God, by grace and no merit of our own. Our redemption was purchased through His shed blood and we have received forgiveness of sin. No longer do we live in the domain of darkness, but we have been transferred into the kingdom of the Son. By his great mercy, we are made alive in Christ and are born again into a living hope. Our Salvation is sealed with the promised Holy Spirit, and we have become the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit who has given us Power, Wisdom, and Spiritual insight. Through the work of Christ on the cross, we have been reconciled to God.  Now, through Christ, we have access in the Spirit to the Father.  Together we are the church which is His body. He accomplishes his purposes in and through us. We await his return when we will live eternally with Him in the inheritance he has prepared for us.



Community Ethos


Great Love has drawn us and by faith we have taken a step through a new door into the Kingdom of God.  We cross the threshold and find ourselves in an entirely different culture of sacrificial love where our very nature has been uprooted and rebirthed.  We embrace the daily struggle of setting aside the centrality of our own desires and train our eyes and wills to notice and engage with the needs of others as an utmost honor, privilege, and joy.  We create an inward chamber where we abide with the Holy Spirit, relying on His voice above all others to guide, counsel, teach, and console our hearts.  We expect to have the tangible things of this world fade from our line of vision and take courage when the unseen world begins to unfold in such a way that it captures our attention.  We recognize the tension and disruption of our new nature as it displaces the old, and we walk in rest and submission to the recreating work that is taking place deep within our beings.  With eyes and hearts that are still becoming accustomed to living in this new culture, we rely wholly on his direction, authority, care, justice, mercy, and powerful intervention on our behalf.  We begin to make sense of the whole of our existence through the perspective and reality of the unseen kingdom of God.   We recognize that, to set ourselves aside, love and serve freely, hear a still small voice within, trust in the unseen, make our hearts vulnerable to re-working, and to maintain a posture of rest and trust, we will need a company of friends.   Our attentions, efforts, and time are therefore devoted to others who have taken the step though the same door; extending to them the same grace and friendship we ourselves are in great need of.  Together we bind ourselves to the unity of our fellowship and commit to walk according to our transformed natures.  We are compelled to openly speak of the Father’s Love and the profound redemption of our lives and invite others to cross the threshold of the door that is open before them.

Discipleship Tools

Church Members

1. Discovery Study

2. Gospel Centered Counseling

3. First Principles, Series 1-3


House Church Leaders

•  First Principles, Series 1

•  First Principles, Series 2


Leadership Training


- Antioch School (6 Courses)


Equipping Team:

- Antioch School (10 Courses)