What do we do?

Shared Meal

We share a pot-luck family style meal together at the beginning of each gathering.


Psalm Reading

We begin each service with a reading from the book of Psalms.  The Psalms are a collection of songs and prayers which have been with God’s people for thousands of years.  Through the public reading of the Psalms each week, we are united to the long legacy of what God has been doing in the world since the beginning of the story.



Scripture calls us to offer our praise to the Lord with raised voices.  Worship through song is a prominent piece of our gathering.  Singing to the Lord together allows our thoughts to rise above our own circumstances and concerns so that we can recognize the Lord’s nature and respond with the praise that He deserves.



The term doxology comes from the two words meaning “glory” and “words.”  These words of glory are a sung blessing which directs all of our praise and worship toward God.  Each week we sing the Doxology together to remember that all of creation and all people are called to give God glory.



The church community shares their weekly Kingdom engagement, needs, celebrations, and prayer requests.


Gospel Reading

The Gospel Reading invites Jesus' words and life to direct out community.  We read the lectionary Gospel reading to place Jesus at the center of our shared life together.



The teaching is a message presented to the Church each week which presents God’s Word and calls people to respond to it.  During this time God’s Word ministers to us, challenges us, heals us, frees us, and, above all, invites us to surrender ourselves to the good and loving will of God.



This meal and sacrament is the climax of our service in which we remember and participate in our Lord Jesus’ sacrifice.  We believe that this meal is surrounded by the mystery of Christ and that in it we are united with Him as He is united with His Father.  Therefore we hold that this is more than a symbol but rather a sacred meal in which God the Son becomes truly present to us.



The benediction is a blessing offered by the leader upon the people.  It is a prayer that God would bless and preserve the people as they leave the assembly and that He would reveal himself to them, while granting them grace and peace.  Therefore as they leave, the people of God carry this grace and peace with them and are able to offer it to the world around them.



House Churches

Sundays from 5pm - 8pm


Celebration Sundays

First Sunday of each month at

Chimera Coffee from 5pm - 7pm

Kids at Parish Network

The children participate in the meal, song, doxology, and a blessing before engaging in a teaching tailored specifically to their age group.  The children then reengage with the adults for communion.


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